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Planer/moulders & joinery machines

Logosol has everything you need for producing planed and moulded timber, all the way from the standing trees in the forest. In every board there are mouldings waiting to be released, and with Logosol's planer/moulders you can easily produce your own building material. Our planer/moulders are the same breakthrough for planing/moulding as the Logosol Sawmill was for sawing. New technology makes the machines smaller and lighter and suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. They are machines that carry the signature of Logosol down to the last detail: Professional machines in a small format and to the right price. Into the bargain you get Logosol's generous warranties and lifelong support.

Logosol CH3

Logosol introduces the Logosol CH3 Multi-Head Planer, a planer/moulder adapted and optimized for sawmill owners. It is robust, easy to use and affordable, and we are convinced that it will be much appreciated by our customers. Production will start during the spring of 2021. We can already receive preliminary orders for delivery in summer 2021. As usual, we will contact you before shipping.


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Joinery Machine Accessories

The wide range of accessories features a number of tools to simplify your work. Choose among the different accessories and form a machine to meet your specific needs. Extensions, chip fans and knife sets are just some examples of useful accessories for our joinery machines.


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